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I was full of questions about the differences between Elizabeth and me, and my mother, and I did manage to get a few answers – girls never did grow wieners, their breasts grew in later as they grew up, body hair also came later, things like that, but no real explanation very much beyond that Grandma Friends – Hot. My mother had told Jane that, though she had left a set of pajamas for me if Jane wanted to try to get me in them
[Movie] Jessie Carmen Big Penis Get Quickie Floating On Air 1

[Movie] Jessie Carmen Big Penis Get Quickie Floating On Air

, His eyes moved over me https://javhot.info/puba-in-the-outdoor-girl-who-l….

[Movie] Jessie Carmen Big Penis Get Quickie Floating On Air 2

[Movie] Jessie Carmen Big Penis Get Quickie Floating On Air

The next day Tom and I sorted some holiday photos and we needed one photo of us to put on our profile,
I made Tom put on his suit and I dressed in a nice black dress not too reveling although it did show off my long sexy legs,
We took about six photos some to sexy to publish the rules did say no nude and no underwear shots this is a discreet club and not a site for voyeurs shame I looked so good in my underwear,

We downloaded about six photos of us as a couple and then individually ones to put ourselves in the showcase we then decided to make contact with James and bee who were the couple we were interested in,
As you contact a couple you are allowing them to view your more detailed profile and the photos you have uploaded and it would work the other way should you receive contact from other members it wasn’t long before we received a reply,
Tom and I were very excited and nervous as well we had never done anything like this before,
The reply said we love your photos and you are just the type of couple we would like to meet up with maybe we could meet up next week for a drink and see how it goes from there, Tom said can we view there profile and photos I think he was more interested in seeing if there were more photos of James wife
“Yes there are about eight photos she was stunning and showed her bust off to the full”

It was hard to see how she managed to keep them inside her dress; Tom was thrilled as for me an air of excitement was creeping in,
It seemed ages until we were to meet then the day arrived we were going to be driving up state about a hours drive it was half way for both couples so plenty of distance so that it was highly unlikely we would bump into them if things didn’t work out,

I decided to dress down for this occasion a nice dress and heels not showing too much at this time it was all about finding out if we really wanted to do this so why be too forward at this time,
As we arrived at the meeting place it was a cools larger bar we went inside we saw them sitting in one of the booths James looked very smart and quite large in size in a nice way he certainly worked out,
On the other hand bee his wife was dressed to impress in a dark green dress that showed her ample bust I did feel I should have made more of an effort as we approached James got up and said “Hi I’m James and this is Bee my wife” I’m Tom and this my wife Jenny “please sit down and would you both like a drink”

As the guys went to the bar I took the opportunity to speak to Bee “why Bee I said what’s it short for” Beatrice but I prefer Bee “ your husband is a very good looking man and you are so stunning”
Why thank you,
You too are lovely and your husband is also very attractive,

We laughed it had broken the ice between us we talk what seemed like hours
Well were do we go from here James said’
“Well that’s for me and Bee to decide so why don’t you guys go and fetch the car’s while Bee and I decide,
As we were leaving what do you say Bee do you fancy my Tom “ more to the point do fancy my James
“Oh yes I said then we are both in agreement leys say next week we can meet here again you can go with James to our house and stay overnight I will go with Tom to yours that way we are away from each other partners so there is no going back deal
“Oh yes you have a deal great?
Just to let you know this is our first time?
And our’s too?

Great see you around 7pm next Friday,
As we drove our separate ways I couldn’t help thinking this was just a fantasy and now it going to become reality
So what did you and Bee decide”?
We are going to meet next Friday at 7pm I’m going with James and staying overnight at there house and Bee is coming with you to stay over at ours
Wow is this for real are you sure?
Oh yes I’m sure are you ”you bet I am its going to be amazing love Right take me home and fuck me,

The week went slow as you would expect wanting something so much, I decided to shop for some new cloths just for the occasion so I picked out a very sexy thong with matching bra in black it pushed my bust together so that it showed my ample bust I mean I was competing with Bee and her bust,
The dress I picked out was so tight it molded itself to my curves and was see through in a dark grey it wasn’t something I would normally buy but this was going to be a special night and I wanted to look my best and as sexy as I could for James
It had darker grey circles around the dress to hide some of my modesty you were suppose to wear a black slip under the dress not me I wanted to show James what he was getting,

As the week drew nearer I started to get butterflies in my stomach, was I really going to fuck another man and a black man too I thought?
I wondered if he had a large cock to match his size I had never seen a black cock before Tom was well endowed and always satisfied me in that department was James going to be bigger well I will soon find out,

The day arrived and it was time to get ready I packed a few thing into a overnight bag just in case I needed to change in the morning, I took two hour to get myself ready had a shower shave my pussy so it was nice and smooth put on my new under wear and then put the dress on as I looked at myself in the mirror I thought this will get James attention,

As I walk down stairs Tom was waiting his reaction was ‘Oh my god you look amazing you look like sex on legs and that dress shows your full figure and its see though I want to fuck you here and now
No way buster this is reserved for James tonight you will get your chance tomorrow,
I put on my coat to hide my modesty and we drove to the meeting point Tom was getting very excited I could see the bulge in his trousers I was also getting excited as my pussy was becoming wet,

As we arrived I got out the car while Tom stayed I saw Bee get out of there car and we walked towards each other as we meet we kissed each other on the cheek and said see you in the morning,

As I got into James car I looked over to see Bee getting into ours, well this is it I thought no going back now
Hi James”
Hi jenny is you ready for this because I am you look fantastic I can’t wait to get you home,
We made idol chit chat on the way it didn’t seem to take long as we arrived at the house it had a private driveway to the door

As I got out the car James grabbed my bag and lead me to the front door once inside there was a large hallway with stairs leading to the bedrooms,
I will put your bag upstairs go through to the lounge and make your self-comfortable
James was back in no time
Fancy a drink to calm nerves’
No thanks I’m fine
Can I take your coat?
Yes please as I took my coat off the reaction from James was just as I had imagined
Oh my god Oh fuck you look fantastic and so sexy I love that dress you’re wearing and those heels make your legs look so sexy

I could sense what James was thinking right now, as his eyes looked me up and down,
I going to fuck that white bitch I thought he was thinking”

How should we do this James said
Well you can start by taking your cloths off I want to see you rub that black cock of yours
In no time James stripped down to his boxers Well I did say all your cloths hurry get that cock out and start rubbing baby,

James took off his boxers a very large cock came into view it was much thicker than Toms and it glistened it was the first time I had seen a black cock I loved it and couldn’t wait to put it in my mouth it was now starting to get hard so I said to him

“I’ll give you something to look at while you rub that black cock of yours”
And at that I lifted my dress up to my waist to show him my black thong this is for you and only you so get rubbing that cock I want it hard when I put it into my mouth,
It wasn’t long before I was on my knees in front of him sucking on his now very hard black cock it felt different from Toms the head was so hard as I push my mouth down on him it hit the back of my throat I was trying not to gag on him as he started to fuck my throat he then said,

Show me you tits I want to suck on them
I got up removed my dress and let my bra drop to floor his reaction again was
Oh babe I love tits and your body and you have wonderful legs
I know
I need to suck those tits of yours now come here you white bitch
I straddled him I could feel my pussy lips wrap around his hard cock
James then started to squeeze my tits and started to suck and lick my nipples it was all I could do to stop myself from cumin I had never had my tits sucked like that before he was amazing I just wanted more and more I lost all my inhabitations he could do to me what ever he wanted too,
James then said I want you to sit on my face babe I want to lick that pussy of yours
So we got onto the floor and I pushed my pussy into his face his tong went right into me he was now fucking me with his tong Oh my god I thought this is so good fuck me harder James with your Tong it was pure pleasure I felt myself coming and I couldn’t stop myself
‘Oh god Oh fuck Oh no please don’t’ stop and then I came James did something too me he suck my cunt and I could feel my juices being sucked from me
The feeling was so good I couldn’t ’ stop myself from cumin,
I needed that cock inside of me James please fuck me fuck me now
I demanded He picked me up and took me upstairs threw me onto the bed and lifted my legs over my shoulders and pushed his hard cock into my pussy
Oh God I love your black cock inside of me Oh fuck Oh my god Oh fucking hell I going to cum again,
I must have cum at least three times in such a short time that was the effect he had on me James turned me onto my side holding my leg up in the air to penetrate me more and again pushed his cock into my pussy this time he really pounded me hard I just kept cumin again and again he wasn’t finished with me yet,

He then turned me onto all fours and pushed his cock into me from behind his rhythm got faster as he was getting close to cumin I didn’t care I wanted his black seed inside of me even though I know it was wrong James could do as he pleased with me I was his slut for tonight I just wanted him to keep fucking me as many times as he liked
“James don’t pull out of me I want to feel you cum inside of me” are you sure
“ I’ve’ never been so sure
I felt his cum explode into my cunt Oh god it was so wonderful and felt so fucking good and so hot it made me cum again
“James I want to suck the cum off that black cock of yours

” He then pulled out of me and I sat on the bed while he stood in front of me I could feel his cum oozing out of my cunt I grabbed his still hard cock and licked every bit of cum that was still oozing out it tasted so good I had never done that before
Oh baby that feels so good I loved fucking you and I’m going to fuck you again and again until I fill you up some more of my cum, “

James you can fuck me as many times as you like the night is your do to me what ever you want”
I’m going to make sure you never forget my cock
“I want to go home knowing I have satisfied your cock” and I want to know that your pussy is so full that you will still have my cum coming out when you get home,

We fucked another three times that night and it got better each time we fucked
Soon it was time to go home
“James can I use the shower before we go I would like to be clean before I meet Tom,
Sure babe
I was showering when the door opened and James stepped inside and started soap my body all over before I knew it he was fucking me again,
I could see my reflection in the mirror my tits were being pressed up against the glass it looked so sexy and it wasn’t long before I was cumin again,
That’s my leaving present for you thank you for a great time must do it again sometime”

Yes we must I said as we drove to meet Tom and Bee we said very little to each other,
We just reflected on what we had done all night as we arrived at the meeting point I said to James thank you James
No thank you Jenny?
I got out of the car and walked towards Tom
Bee was getting out of our car as we meet I kissed Bee on the cheek and said thank you for switching
No thank you

We parted and walked towards our cars I looked over to see Bee kissing James I was so jealous I wanted him to kiss me instead,
I got into the car Tom said
“Well was it good
”Oh yes honey it was great please take me home and then you can tell me all about your time with Bee then you can fuck me
As for Tom’s side of things that will have to wait for another time I wanted to switch again with other couples I was now addicted to having other men’s cocks inside of me,

Duration: 10 minCountry: India