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Deeper. Holly Hendrix r. Sex Is The Best

I’d never been so ready, so needy पति काम. Well, with no small measure of guilt, we did start having sex when we got engaged - Bj Hairdresser Aline High Pleasure Be Yond The Island 1 – Bj Hairdresser Aline High Pleasure Be Yond The Island

The man asked me to play
with her a bit, while he retrieved a couple items from the kitchen, Only this time was joined by the man, who gave a mild grunt
and released his load into her, only egging her on to cum harder, splashing everywhere, onto the table, the floor, our bodies…. - Bj Hairdresser Aline High Pleasure Be Yond The Island 2 – Bj Hairdresser Aline High Pleasure Be Yond The Island

She always starts
Bending down in front of me
Her ass brushes against my knees
Oh god she knows how to tease me
My cock begging to burst free
From my jeans and into hers

I grab her sides pull her closer to me
Wraps her arms around me
I turn her around put her on the ground
She's letting out all the right sounds

On her knees she looks back at me
With her eyes she says “Fuck me”
That's the final straw
I unclasp her bra
Slide her panties down
I get closer and start to lick
But I can't handle it
I whip out my dick

She purrs in hunger
As she eyes my dick
The right size but a little too thick
I stick it in
In one thrust
I'm reaching all of her spots
Her pussy guiding my cock
To her deepest secret spot

She screams in pleasure
As I continue to thrust
Grunting oh fuck
She feels so good
Like I knew she would

She looks back at me
With tears in her eyes
Her smile got wider
As her moans grew louder
She knew she had me
I knew I had her

I pulled her hair
As I smacked her ass
Her knees got rough
I felt her cum
But I haven't had enough

Even when she collapses I keep thrusting
Her moans turn into screams of delight
As we keep fucking
Her nails dig into the ground
She bites her lips

I feel her cum again as I start to turn my dick inside of her
I felt my release come, I get deep within her and let go
She screamed in pleasure as my cum flowed through her

I pulled out
She grabbed my dick
And gave the tip a kiss
Before she got up
But her knees were weak
I grabbed her picked her up in my arms

I put her in the car
And got in myself
I felt her legs she was still wet
I took off
I knew I was addicted to her sex
When she reached over and pulled out my dick
Oh dam we're both addicted, Addiction (x-rated)

She's addicted to me
Wont leave me alone
Unless I take her home
Get her somewhere alone

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